Location: Georgia Institute of Technology

Date: June 22 – 24th, 2015

The reaction between biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) and nitrate radicals represents a direct mechanism linking anthropogenic and biogenic emissions, but the extent to which this affects aerosol formation is poorly understood. The workshop will facilitate the development of new ideas, identification of directions for future research, and generation of collaborative activities regarding BVOC+NO3 chemistry.

The goals of the workshop are to provide opportunities for participants interested in nitrate radical oxidation to discuss current research, address key outstanding questions, and stimulate future research ideas. We aim to bring researchers with expertise in laboratory, field, and modeling together to identify laboratory studies (e.g., kinetics, mechanisms, products, etc) to obtain a deeper understanding of BVOC+NO3 chemistry. The workshop will facilitate discussions to identify critical fundamental studies needed to help interpret and understand the field observations, and equally importantly, to explore how one can use field results to help constrain experimental parameters so reaction conditions in laboratory studies can be more representative of the atmosphere.


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